How to rank #1 On Google For Desiring Keywords?

Rank first place on the first page of Google gives us an unfair advantage of getting free traffic days and nights. Imagine that this kind of free targeted traffic flows to your sales funnels, what is going to happen?

However, if rank a site on top of Google is easy, everybody would do it. It’s pretty much harder than you think. And in this post, you’re about to learn how I rank #1 for the keywords I want (step by step guide). Read the full page and you’ll find out an approach that work like a charm.

Step 1: Choose the right keywords.

If you take a look at this post from wikiHow, you’ll see that they won’t consider this is the first thing that need to do.

I completely disagree. The purpose of SEO is not to rank your site for desiring keywords. In the end, SEO means give your site a new cash flow that comes from free traffic.

Don’t believe me? Ask yourself this question, will you want to rank for a 10,000 searches keyword that makes you no money. Or will you rank for a 1,000 searches keyword that makes you $1,000 a month?

You know the answer. All keywords are not equal. Some keywords will earn you a fortune; the others give you nothing but stress.

So I recommend you to read this guide of Backlinko about keyword research. It’ll help you to find a keyword that converts like crazy.

Short on time? See my notes.

There are three kinds of keywords you want to rank for:

1. Buy now keywords: xxx + Discount/coupon code/cheap service.

For example: take a search on google about Godaddy coupon code, you’ll see some sites like FatWallet. You must know that this fast cash keyword has so much competition.

I recommend you to rank for the second one.

2. Review keywords: product name + review/bonus

People look for product review before they decide to buy. So it’s best buyer keyword you want to rank for (less competitive than the first one). For example Screw95 review.

3. Information keywords: keywords that contain “how to”.

This type of keywords has biggest searches but doesn’t have too high conversion rate because people want to learn more.

For example, this post you’re reading. I bet you don’t want to buy something here unless it helps you rank your site #1 on autopilot.

2. Checking the competition.

This step is must have. If you don’t have any site that rank #1 then, you must check how competitive your chosen keywords are.

In order to do that, you need plugins called SEOMoz and MajesticSEO.

For example, I choose the keyword Screw95 review.

Here is what I see.

bonsai rank 1

SEOMoz plugin let me know that how quality the ranking competitors are. Well, the first three results have DA (domain authority) of 1, 17 and 12. That’s ridiculous when the first ranking has a DA of 1.

It’s a good sign for easy outrank them. Competitive keyword has DA and PA over 25.

Now, click into each site and see how quality their backlinks are by using Majestic SEO.

bonsai analyse 1

You notice their TrustFlow and CitationFlow?

Kind of low-quality. And pay attention at the difference between trust flow and citation flow. It doesn’t make any sense if these sites get high-quality backlinks.

Again, it’s way easy to outrank them. You’d be scared if they got 20+ trust flow, 20+ citation flow AND there is not too much difference between these flows.

That’s how you should analyse your competitors.

So it’s an easy keyword to rank. By the way, it’s buyer keyword then you can try to rank for it.

3. Get content online.

Of course, this step is important. Imagine you get on the first place, and it’s just a blank page. Huge waste.

I recommend you to use a service like HireaWriter to finish this task.

4. Outrank your competitors.

It’s time for the show. No matter how good your content is if you can’t get it on the first page. Huge waste.

So let’s out rank your competitors.

In order to do so, you need high-quality backlinks that boost your SEO score in the eyes of search engines. And there are tons of way to get high-quality backlinks. This post from BacklinkO will help you.

My advice is use BacklinkO’s strategy carefully, because Google doesn’t want you to pay money for getting quality backlinks. Moreover, Google is still the biggest search engine in the world. You have to do it in the way Google loves.

Remember my example? That is about Screw95.

Screw95 is an impressive training course that helps you to rank your niche site by using social signals.

When you site gets some shares, you’ll get some signals and some visitors. These visitors also read and share your site on social networks. Then you get more signals and more visitors. Thing keeps going without your touch. Once it reaches a point, Google will rank your site #1 because there are so many mentions.

Your site looks like celebrity in the web, however.

However, how you can do that? I recommend you to read my friend Bang’s review of Screw95. You’ll see his demo site (of course, built with Screw95’s strategy). It’s amazing. Read Screw95 here:

Thank you so much for visiting my Bonsai Marketing Blog.

How to Build A Sales Funnel That Converts?

Have you ever seen a “magical” machine has an ability allows you put one dollar in and get three dollars immediately?

What if you have that magical machine, how many times you want to play the game “put in, get out”?

I bet you want to play it forever. Btw, stick to the end, you’ll find out a really cool bonus, I promise.

Well, you still don’t believe that there’s a magical machine?

Take a look at Mc Donald… It’s using that cash machine every day.

Mc Donald spends $1.91 in adverting to bring one customer to their store. Each customer buys from Mc Donald a burger, value of $2.09. So you can say that Mc Donald makes average 18 cents from every customers.

That’s not big enough to make Mc Donald be the best seller in the world.

But have you forgotten something? Mc Donald doesn’t sell only burger, in fact, Mc Donald’s profit main stream doesn’t come from burger’s revenue. It’s from others.

Every customer who comes to Mc Donald doesn’t buy only a burger, he/she also buys a coke and fries for $1.77 more. In other words, every customer gives Mc Donald $2.09 + $1.77 = $3.86.

After advertising fees, it makes about $1.95 in profit. In other words, Mc Donald spends $1 in advertising and gets $2 back.

Sounds like a magical machine, doesn’t it?

So what really is a magical machine?

It’s advertising? Of course not. It’s a sales funnel.

Back to Mc Donald, customer comes and buys a burger (front end), then Mc Donald upsells them fries and a coke (upsell) to make big $$$.

From that, we can build a model sales funnels. It looks like this one.

sales funnel

First, we need to drive targeted traffic to our landing page.

In the landing page, we offer some free solution (it could be free books, audio books or even free training) in order to get leads.

After people submit their emails to our auto responder, we’ll convince them to buy a cheap (low cost) item. If they buy then we’ll persuade them to buy a medium then an expensive item.

What if they don’t buy anything and you keep losing money on advertising?

The answer is simple. Either your leads don’t have enough money (aka: they don’t need to buy) or your sales funnel such.

So what do you do if you fall into this situation?

Give up is not an option. You know that your sales funnel doesn’t convert but don’t know why. So you must find out why you fall before investing more money on that funnel.

One simple solution is to survey your list of potential prospects (aka leads) and find out the reason why they don’t make a purchase. By the way, there’s another article that talks about survey (it’s going to live soon).

How to build a sales funnel that converts?

It takes you lot of time to create a sales funnel effectively. You need to learn lot of CSS/HTML tricks to make your page beautiful and copywriting skills to get higher chance to persuade prospects become customer.

But you don’t need to do that anymore.

Because there’s a tool allows you to build beautiful landing page (sales page, squeeze pages…) in just a few clicks. It’s Click Funnels.

Click here to read an in-depth review of Click Funnels.

You’ll find out how powerful and really easy to use Click Funnels is.

Plus, take a look at what Bang’s bonus for you. You’ll be blown your mind. Just go, read and claim bonus for Click Funnels.